Movie Mouth supplements classroom instruction and provide easy access to examples of dialogue within popular movies and TV shows. Simplify lesson planning with their customizable courses that adapt to your needs. Movie Mouth’s interactive learning exercises help students practice essential language skills and keep track of their progress.


Ambre Energy Limited is an Australian company that was formed to develop and apply new technologies to the mining and processing of coal and other carbonaceous materials. Ambre Energy’s objective is to provide cleaner and more efficient sources of energy to the transportation, steel manufacturing and power generation sectors. The Ritchie Group played an important role in the orchestration of transactions that ultimately resulted in Ambre acquiring the key technology for one of its clean coal technologies. Currently, Paul Ritchie serves on the Board of Directors of the Company.


mycore™ consolidates all of your calendars and task lists in one place so you can take control of your life one event, meeting, and chore at a time. It will help you identify what you value most and support your values with integrated goals, tasks, to-do’s, and calendars from one easy to use app. Take advantage of Expert Programs™ within mycore™. Guided by trusted experts, learn to do the things you’ve always wanted to do.


Western States Lodging is the developer and manager of numerous senior living properties, including independent living, assisted living and Alzheimer’s facilities. They have developed a proven formula and philosophy for senior living which is applied to all properties owned and managed by Western States Lodging. Each community provides value and an affordable service to residents and their families, while offering a gracious, well-kept and pleasantly decorated environment. Residents are offered larger apartments and more choice. Ritchie affiliates have participated directly in the funding of multiple senior living properties.


Solan is a private, early stage company formed to commercialize graphene based devices for a multitude of applications based on licensed technology developed by Feng Liu, professor and chair of the U’s Materials Science and Engineering Department. Graphene is a one-atom thick layer of carbon atoms that many experts believe will transform electronic technology in coming decades. Unlike other materials, it is highly multifunctional, enabling the development of a myriad of devices and processes.


Craftsman has made a name for itself by successfully installing thousands of projects since 1965. Our team consists of qualified designers, craftsmen, and installers who are passionate about what they do. Our people are honest and dedicated, and believe in leaving every Craftsman customer 100% satisfied with their entire experience; from design to installation.


Noble Title is a title company founded in 2007 in Las Vegas, Nevada that uses an innovative approach to providing premium service to clients before, during, and after the transactions.